Sunday, February 5, 2017

Empath, Spiritual Stuff. Enlightenment...To Those Who Are Into This Stuff.

 I am finding life difficult socially online/or out in the world in the US very difficult right now. I am using my CD's for visualization daily again now just to manage to not become over whelmed. My sage and I sit, and I find what wisdom I am able within myself, and that is all it seems I can do for now. I am hoping warm weather, being able to connect more with nature will help ground me, as it usually does. Yesterday I did go lay on the ground in the (FINALLY, Clear, sunny air). I am seeing past as if we as humanity are just repeating the cycle of evolution..............and it is nothing new, it's never ending cycle. Makes me see everything different, like we have always existed, and this cycle repeats over and over. Make any sense to anyone else? This is whats goin on with me.
The revelation being, that mankind has always existed and that the theory of evolution is actually that............... each cycle ends the same, but it never really ends ends, it all begins again.....repeats over and over again.
I find my spirit animal surrounds me, and brings me peace.

I surround myself with things which help me feel positive, and grounded.