Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Drying Clothes On A line Instead Of Using a Dryer

I am so fedup with birds making nest in my dryer vent, when I least expect it, and then burning out the heating element each year! ARGHHHHHHHHH! Annoying! This time I am NOT rushing to fix it. I am so sick of always fixing things which are supposed to make life easier. This time I am not rushing to fix it and I may or may not fix it, how you like that! Ok enough venting. I have a clothes line, and I am damn well gonna use it! I have found thru research and documentaries, Not on hanging out laundry< that a lot of places don't even have dryers, even some of the coolest places! Check out this blog I found about hanging out laundry in the winter, yes, the winter!Freeze Dried Laundry or Sublimation is Sublime<~ Click Link. Amazing!
Here is a link about other countries not having dryers.~>America’s most unpopular way of saving energy…is one of Europe’s favorites
I know of people who are actually offended by those of us who hang out laundry to dry, and I know it is against the law in some places in America! That is simply ridiculous! The only hard part of me is carrying the basket outside, and back in because of my illness (M.E./CFIDS).
This is the kind of clothes line I have, in my back yard.