Friday, May 20, 2016


Sometimes something triggers PTSD, and it's not even the event it's self that your upset about, you go right back to the PTSD event, not the one that triggers it. Once you can recognize a trigger, you can manage it. It's when you don't recognize the trigger , all you know is that your overly upset and having bad, awful, anxiety, feels like life and death, and feel like you are losing your mind..............that's when times are real bad, then maybe in a day or 2 you look back and a light goes off and you say, hey it was a trigger! I am NOT Crazy! I will know how to manage next time. Breathe a sigh and recognize. BUT! That is hard to explain to some people that seen you over react to the trigger as it happened. It's always nice when you have someone in your life that can recognize you are having a PTSD trigger, and tell you while its happening, then not suffer as long and feel as your losing your mind. I apologize to those who have went thru this with me. Thinking I am just a drama queen.............wondering wth!? Why is she over acting like this. I despise drama and that's the last thing in the world I want.
Dayna McCleery.