Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

I began this painting journey a yr. ago, when I painted my kitchen cabinets the same as my wall color in the kitchen...................unheard of right?I only whitewashed the cabinets with the green paint. You can do more coats if you want a darker color. Well this is me. Finally I got them distressed this week. Everything has to work within my 10-20 min window, work then rest, and repeat til you finish each project or chore. To distress I just used sandpaper and sanded some parts more than others, to get the look I wanted. Next I am using Tried & True Varnish. this I will do slowly til I get around 3 coats on.

I also used this varnish to do my table top, which my kids helped me strip. We may or may not follow

up with the chairs. Natural is always best when it comes to a house where grand kids are going to be all the time. Teething babies, will chew on anything, yes, even my kitchen table and cabinets!One day I will actually finish the counter tops!