Tuesday, May 10, 2016

ME Awareness Posters Made By Me

What I am Learning
What I am learning along the way having chronic illness~
1. I am human
2. I hurt when treated badly
3. The IronBitch I once thought I was does care about the judgement as far as they hurt, hence learning that I am human.
4.Somethings are worth repeating even tho you get beatup for it.
5. Chronic illness is not socially acceptable.
6. Very few people really do care.
7. I want to see more good in others, but am struggling with that in those who are so mean about chronic illness. Which is many.
8. I have found fabulous other people who are ill, they are a great support.
9. Something good does come out of the internet! #8!
10. I dislike being human!
11. I need thicker skin.
12. Arguing with people who don't care, judge, & are mean is like banging your head against a brick wall & not fruitful.
13. All that matters really is how I treat myself & those I care about.
14. It's a small world, the world of chronic illness.
15. When we die, we all die alone..........as in no one is dying as we r the same moment the same way......hence every death is a moment all to ourselves.
16.I like who I am.
17. I dislike most healthy people because of how they act towards the sick.
18. Empathy is barely alive.
19. There is sincere caring hidden amongest the meanness in this world.
20. When you find the caring, treat them well, tell them how much it means to you.
21. My kids mean the world to me.
22.I still love coffee & tea!
23. I am grateful that I can no longer drink much alcohol.
24. I need to be teflon! ok this goes back to me not liking being human, I admit, i hate feeling down or depressed, or hurt but other peoples judgements.
25. CFS/Fibro Awareness day & week is to make those of us with the illnesses aware, that those of us without them don't wanna hear about them.
26. I ramble on and repeat myself alot. lol               Dayna McCleery
I am my only model as I am mostly housebound.................hence the pics are mostly me, with ME. HA! A little chronic illness truth/humor.