Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ponder This

I am no guru, no ask Miss Dayna, no martyr, no wise scholar, but I can tell you alot of the time what NOT to do! I can also advise not to over think holidays like New Years or Christmas, Or the Damn Single Awareness day. I can be all hard ass about it, but truth is, I have been stuck in that stupid circle of feeling blue thru all those holidays in the past............... I think it's just part of our journey thru life, growing up. Everything used to be life or death. The movies are no help in maturing people either.............I mean come on, Romeo & Juliet etc....................How more dysfunctional can one get!? At this moment I can not think of anymore names of movies that are just so lame and not near reality it's beyond stupid. I do not watch romances if you hadn't guessed either. lol My favorite Movies are The Milagro Bean field War, Kung Fu Hustle, Salion Soccer, Queen of The Damned, Fight Club.......etc. Oh well, I got side tracked once again. my point is the only that changes about tomorrow is the date, now we have to remember to write 2014 for a year, only to have it change again next year! Times cranks along, only the date changes. We change with time as all things do, for the better I hope! We may not be able to change our health(some of us), but that doesn't mean we give up hope and quit trying to tho! HELL NO! WE are WARRIORS! We keep changing and becoming stronger mentally, spiritually. We tell those we love that we love them, with no more fear, for we are not promised tomorrow. Live like we are dying, all the while fighting for a cure. This is NOT a negative outlook, Nay I say, it is a positive Warrior outlook, never give up, and find a cure for our children, their children! Do not feel sorry for yourself, we were given this to fight so our children won't have to live with it, we are the chosen. There is a Warrior in us all. You may have pain, you may have suffering, but better us then our future generations. Say hell no, I will NOT GIVE UP! I will fight til the end to find a cure! Ok well, this is the end of my year end pep talk for now...................now back to my quirky, silly self. {{{{{{{hugs & loves}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Let's all wear kilts & kick ass!