Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Inspires Me

I am a Libra and my totem animal is crow, so Ia m not sure if that is why fall inspires me so. I hear alot of crows in the fall or if I ask for some support..................but, that's a whole other blog! With the fall colors, and leaves, i have been inspired and drawn to metallic paints. I love metallic paints! I have even painted my counters in my kitchen with them, but have not perfected,that yet, so when I do, that will be yet another blog!

The glue is still drying on this piece,otherwise it is finished. unnamed at this time. Ideas?

It takes alot of the special glue if you are using real leaves. I learned that piling alot of glue on the first time doesn't work as well as two or 3 thinner coats, letting them dry in between applying.

Samhain. This is lace & textured paint, mixed mediums with acrylic and metallic paint.
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