Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Personal Parts

There are parts of me that I do not share as much as others, because I have learned I will be judged by others, I am once again feeling strong enough to say I am done doing that, so here I am. I AM an EMPATH. It could be a part of why I got M.E., among est other things. It is part of the reason I am more of a loner in real life. When I am in a place with others I feel their emotions, good bad, or negative, and it is draining on an already drained system. I may get a feeling out of the blue somewhere, and it may be my PTSD or it may be another's emotion's etc, or both. Can you imagine both at the same time!? I can. I am sure I appear moody at times when this happens because I will use the reasons of PTSD trigger,and tired, and moody because it's easier than being judged even more for just saying I am picking up on a spirit. A spirit can be one who is dead or a living person, we all have spirits, that's what makes us, us. I do not believe in the shows that have groups go into so called haunted places, that is NOT me or how my "gift" works. I believe most if not all of those are groups of people just feeding each other to hear things and feel things that most likely are not present, that is just my feelings on it, if you believe in that I have no problem with you having your own beliefs. For some reason some people do have problems with accepting people who are different. If a person is different but you don't feel a negative energy from them or get a bad vibe, there is no reason to judge them ad be mean. If you feel that bad vibe then be weary and stay away from the person, but don't be mean, just wearing and mindful. I have found alot more negative in the living world then in the "spirit" world for lack of a better term. I have one friend who says to me,"you seem to know people so well!" I respond, " I just have had alot bad happen to me by others, and I watch people." Which is partially true, but the other part is the empath side of things. It also helps explain my relationships. My mom used to called it stray dog syndrome. I have finally learned that I can not heal other's, I must take care of myself.